Strategy Consulting in Pharma and Healthcare

Aiming to improve the health care environment
At 3Rock, we want to promote the way healthcare should really be, and to contribute to building a better healthcare environment in Japan as the country experiences the challenges of an aging population. So in addition to offering conventional consulting services, we focus on adopting new approaches proactively, and working together with our clients to better understand both their customers and the competitive environment they work in. And while analysis and planning are important, we also make sure to provide ongoing follow-up through project implementation and validation.

Services 3Rock offers

Strategic Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Develop strategies to articulate insights, manage change, and provide a competitive edge
Marketing Excellence
  • Marketing Excellence
  • Conduct workshops covering topics from the basics of strategic marketing to specific advanced applications
Sales Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Maximize sales force capabilities and performance to meet new market demands
Digital Solutions
  • Digital Solutions
  • Provide effective solutions to the diverse challenges of multi-channel communications