Secure the mindset and practical skills to thrive 3Rock “Senryaku Juku”

July 9th, 2021
Secure the mindset and practical skills to thrive 3Rock “Senryaku Juku”

Break through this time of turmoil

The values and priorities of both healthcare professionals and patients are changing rapidly in light of the COVID-19 experience, evolving digital tools, and the looming pressures of Japan’s aging population.

For companies doing business in this evolving industry, traditional methods are losing their effectiveness. Moving forward, new solutions will be required to challenge and overcome unknown territories.

3Rock is launching a new online program, “Senryaku Juku (Strategy School)“ to help our clients acquire the practical skills and mindset to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Three unique features:

Industry specialization

3Rock works exclusively in pharma, medical devices, and healthcare – and these courses share the latest examples from inside the industry.

Practical application

Our casework and discussions focus exclusively on healthcare situations, so that participants can acquire knowledge and skills rooted in reality, and immediately apply them to their own work.

Expand external connections

Participants interact with a range of industry peers, enabling a broader understanding of the issues and building important new connections (sorely missed during COVID) they can leverage to get things done.

We expect high participation from pharma and medical device manufacturers, especially:

1) Sales representatives, MSL’s, front-line managers, and community / regional planners who are responsible for direct customer contact with medical providers

2) Next-generation leaders in head office sales strategy / promotion, marketing, medical and related functions

In addition, we welcome those from diagnostic / testing equipment, digital health, and related healthcare areas so that participants can discuss and learn from various perspectives and expand their personal industry networks.

The first term consists of 4 courses, which will be offered sequentially from the summer of 2021. Completing all four courses will give you the solid skills and mindset you need to lead the coming era and create new value for your customers.

Course 1: Healthcare Value Delivery

Starts August 26, 2021

As the roles and needs of healthcare professionals evolve with the times, conventional commercial approaches are no longer possible. Break down the large trends of the industry and explore how to find and deliver unique “value” only you can offer.

Course 2 : Problems, Issues & Solutions

Starts October 11, 2021

The era of just working hard & carrying out orders is over. Each geographic area, disease state, and stakeholder situation is different, and defining “problems” and identifying “issues” accurately before launching into activities is the key to success. Many have studied logical frameworks, but struggle to apply them. Through discussion of numerous healthcare-specific   examples & cases, participants will improve their ability to think critically and act effectively.

Course 3 : Customer Needs & Insights

Starts Winter 2021

What are the true needs of your customers? Improving the design and power of your questions is a key to answering this question, but beyond that today’s industry players need to also know how to grasp the situations of hospital facilities where visit restrictions are becoming stricter, and how to anticipate how the dynamics of the surrounding communities will affect HCP behavior. Join for a deep dive into comprehensive information collection, data analysis, and the search for real customer needs.

Course 4 : Strategy & Implementation

Starts Winter 2021

Master strategy from planning all the way through to the execution process. How to set a vision, choose the core drivers of success, and set the right metrics to effectively motivate and drive a team? Learn the right way to improve both the quality and quantity of activities – not just as an individual, but as an organization.


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