Sales Performance


Explore the Potential Needs of Doctors
and Be Trusted Over Others

Differentiate Yourself from Other Companies
with Sharp Questions

This program is helpful for those who lament “All I can do is introduce our products and then the interview is over”, “I can’t draw out the doctor’s true opinions” and “Even when I have questions, I fail to ask them”. In this program, you will start by preparing for an interview with a doctor. We will provide tips for classifying peripheral information, such as the tendencies of his/her patients and treatment policy of the hospital. Then, you will thoroughly learn how to formulate your own hypothesis, ask good questions, and build effective conversations, in order to identify the challenges faced by the doctor and the solutions he/she is looking for.

Improve Your Listening Skills
and Clarify Doctors’ True Intentions

After identifying the needs of the doctor, you will have to understand them more deeply with highly accurate questions. In the “questioning skills” step, you will learn “questions from eight perspectives” to explore the true intentions of doctors, and the “GAP model” to bring out ideals and realities that even doctors themselves are not aware of. By interviewing them while making full use of these two techniques, you can get closer to doctors than other companies.

Turn Even a Doctor’s Counterargument
into a Chance

There are many cases, where even if you want to provide product information, the doctor refuses your interview due to his/her busy schedule. Therefore, in the “questioning skills” step, you will predict even the doctor’s possible counterargument related to the clinical policy based on his/her words of refusal, and prepare to smoothly propose the solutions needed by him/her. By taking these measures in advance, you will also become able to calmly accept counterarguments in the real environment, and deepen your relationships of trust.


The approaches that I had vaguely grasped, such as using expressions that explain the contribution to patients in an easy-to-understand manner and the intersection of needs, became clearer. It was also an opportunity for me to reconsider closing.
– Director of a major domestic pharmaceutical company
I think there are still many MRs who think that sales skills acquisition is difficult. I will tell those who have such a sense of difficulty that this is an opportunity for them to improve their “questioning skills”, “proposal presentation skills” and “execution skills” using simpler words.
– Director of a major foreign pharmaceutical company
Generally, “questioning skills” are the key. I think timely and highly accurate questions, rather than many questions, are required.
– Area manager of a major foreign pharmaceutical company


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