Privacy Policy

3Rock Kabushiki-Kaisha (hereinafter referred to as “3Rock”) has established the following personal information protection policy for the treatment of personal information. 3Rock will comply with this policy and other related legislation.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
3Rock will specify the purposes of use of Personal Information, and acquire Personal Information in the necessary scope and appropriate manner.
2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information
3Rock will use Personal Information only within the scope of the purposes stated below unless separately notified or announced, or except otherwise approved by law or ordinances.
1. For business of consulting, training, seminars
2. For the provision of information on materials provided by our company
3. For communication of necessary information such as answers to inquiries
4. For survey analysis of customer trends etc.
5. For recruiting employees
6. For other various duties
3. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties and Joint Use
3Rock will not provide Personal Data to any third parties without the prior consent of the principal identified by the relevant Personal Data or unless authorized or approved by law or ordinances.
4. Management of Personal Data
3Rock will take all measures that are necessary and appropriate to prevent disclosure, loss, impairment and any other mistreatment of Personal Data. In order to ensure the safe management of Personal Data, 3Rock will supervise its consultant and staff as necessary and appropriate. When outsourcing the handling of Personal Data, all or in part, 3Rock will supervise all outsourced service providers as necessary and appropriate.
5. Request for Notification of Purposes of Use, Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuation of Use or other Treatment of Personal Data
With respect to any Personal Data held by 3Rock, if the principal identified requests any of the items below, 3Rock will first verify that the request is actually being made by or on behalf of the principal, and upon verification, 3Rock will respond to the request in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act.
6. Continuous improvement of the management system
3Rock will maintain its internal system and regulations regarding Personal Information Protection, and will continuously review and improve it through education, operation, and audit.
7. Modification of this Personal Information Protection Policy
3Rock may modify this Personal Information Protection Policy as necessary, and any such modification will be posted on this website.

April 25, 2019
3Rock KK.