Capturing New Business Opportunities
in Community Healthcare

Planning Best Strategies
for Contributing to Community Healthcare

Movements to promote community-based integrated care are accelerating. These include promotion of cooperative care between hospitals and clinics, formulary adoption, the launch of Regional Healthcare Collaboration Corporations, and implementation of various measures to reduce medical expenses. An increasing number of companies are looking for ways to contribute to such movements, and most are facing difficulty in this complex area. 3Rock, with its extensive experience in community healthcare, can help you with its MATCH (Mutual Acceleration of Therapies in Community Healthcare) program. We will analyze your priority areas in detail, and propose strategies to focus on in the future.

First, we will determine what you bring to the table in terms of strengths and weaknesses, focus treatment areas, and budget and examine how you can contribute to community healthcare. As each region has different priorities in both the five diseases (cancer, cerebrovascular disease, acute myocardial infarction, diabetes, and mental disorders) and five business areas (emergency medicine, disaster medicine, support for healthcare in remote areas, perinatal care, and pediatrics) addressed in prefectural Medical Care Plans, we will closely analyze the needs of the target community and the stakeholders there, including healthcare professionals, governments, and medical associations.

Based on these findings, we will determine specific areas of interest for you, medical issues where you can contribute, and stakeholders willing to collaborate with you – and then formulate a clear action plan. For example, we can design programs for you through collaboration with local governments (e.g., “XX City Myocardial Infarction Prevention Program”). Our feasibility study incorporates pilots that can be started in several areas, leading to preparation for nationwide expansion as soon as we confirm outcomes using real-world data (RWD).

Our Partner C3KK Supports
Your Collaboration

After finishing your area plan, our related company C3KK can assist with its implementation. Utilizing their know-how and professional expertise in regional health care, they help you collaborate with various stakeholders such as local governments and core hospitals to improve community healthcare. Please contact us for more details. 

Our Past Work

  • Area-based formulary management
  • Current / Future analysis of Regional Healthcare Coordination Corporations
  • Training of Key Account Managers (KAM) on community collaboration support
  • Designing consortia to promote community-based integrated care
  • Analysis of disease-specific healthcare collaboration & creation of local access strategy proposals


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