Consistently Growing
from 1997 until the Present

3Rock has long been supporting various companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industries.
It is currently expanding its businesses not only in Japan, but also in Asian countries with the approach of continuous
follow-up, covering aspects from strategy planning through to training proposals for execution support.


Mission Statement

Our Values

Our main theme is the creation of optimal healthcare environments.
We support innovative strategies and adoption of useful IT tools to work toward early diagnosis and treatment,
medication adherence, and patient awareness-raising. We believe that our mission is to promote ideal healthcare, and
make Japan’s aging society a better environment through these activities.

Roots of 3Rock

The corporate name “3Rock” comes from the Japanese proverb “ishi no ue ni mo san-nen”, which means “Three years on a
(cold) stone (will make the stone warm)” – in other words, perseverance prevails.

In the words of this proverb that emphasizes the importance of a strong will and perseverance, 3Rock will continue
building long-term and robust relationships with its clients, while presenting solutions to them.

Corporate Profile

About 3Rock

Since 1997, 3Rock has been supporting its clients in formulating innovative marketing and sales strategies and promoting
their business expansion in Japan and Asia. In addition to traditional consulting, we actively adopt new approaches to
help our clients more deeply understand their customers and competitive environments. We continuously follow up not only
analysis and planning, but also execution and verification.

Corporate Name
3Rock KK
Jeffrey B. Schnack
Head Office
MH Yoyogi-Uehara 3F. 3-6-5 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0066 Japan

Access Map

One-minute walk from “Yoyogi-Uehara Station” on the Odakyu Line/Chiyoda Line:
Exit the Yoyogi-Uehara Station ticket gate, and take the escalator or stairs down.
After passing North Exit 1, go straight toward East Exit until you find North Exit 2 on your left. Please go down the
stairs there.
Cross the road, and go straight, with 7-Eleven on the left corner. You will see the MH Yoyogi-Uehara Building on your


Established 3Rock YK, and initiated services to support new business development in Japan and overseas.
Acquired the right to sell marketing simulation software from StratX SA (France) in Japan, and developed sales
Focused business on human resource development for the healthcare industry, mainly pharmaceutical companies.
Acquired the right to sell project management simulation software from Fissure Corp. (USA) in Japan, and developed sales
Re-registered the company as 3Rock KK.
Initiated strategic consulting for the pharmaceutical industry, and expanded its projects to Asia.
Provided open marketing programs for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for the first time.
Developed and launched “Milestone Management” programs for front-line sales managers.
Provided an open program called “Digital Pharma™” for the first time. Developed and launched the sales training
simulation software “SimStorm™”.
Expanded the scope of services to the medical device industry. Developed “Strategic Area Planning” programs for
business/branch managers, and initiated consulting and education for them.
Acquired the right to sell “Integrity Selling®” and “Integrity Coaching®” training programs from Integrity Solutions
(USA), and developed sales activities.
Developed the doctor-patient communication-promoting platform “MEDLINK™”.
In response to COVID, rapidly established extensive capabilities in live / hybrid online training with over 300 days of content delivered to date.
Introduced innovative “Senryaku Juku” online pharma / medical device commercial strategy course.