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Jeffrey B. SchnackJeffrey B. Schnack


Jeff began his career with a boutique consulting firm focusing on new market business development. After launching the JPAC subsidiary of a German industrial manufacturer, he led the first overseas subsidiary of the East Japan Railways Group, creating a US consumer business that won a #2 ranking in the Nikkei Shimbun New Product of the Year competition. He now focuses on strategy development, implementation and capability-building for clients in the pharma and healthcare industry.

Jeff has taught courses on Brand and Project Management in the CUMOT program at the Tokyo University of Technology, and Technology Marketing at the QREC Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University. Recently he has spoken overseas at digital healthcare events “Medicine X” at Stanford University and “Doctors 2.0 & You” in Paris. He also contributes to industry press such as Monthly Mix.

Born in the US state of Iowa, Jeff is trilingual in Japanese, German, and English. He earned his BA with Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude honors from Amherst College, and then a Graduate Diploma in International Relations from the University of Vienna, which he attended on a Fulbright Scholarship. Later he graduated top of his Executive MBA class at the University of San Francisco.

Jeff played basketball in college and a bit with a semi-professional league in Europe. He currently enjoys getting outside of Tokyo to ski, camp, or climb mountains with his family.

ChikakoSchnackChikako Schnack

Director, Chief Financial Officer

Chikako started her career at a domestic securities company as a securities analyst of listed companies in the Japanese and South East Asian stock markets. She then managed Japanese equity portfolios of public and private pension funds, as well as investment trusts, at a global investment management group. One of her funds was ranked as the 3rd best performer in the Morning Star Fund of The Year’s rookie category.

She moved to the US and managed a global technology fund and then established her own practice as a financial advisor. After coming back to Japan, she managed Japanese equity portfolios for a global life insurance company group.

She is now CFO at 3Rock, overseeing operations, developing the company’s financial strategy, and leading new business development.

Chikako graduated from The Department of Business Administration at Rikkyo University. She is a Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan (CMA®) and AFP of the Japan Association for Financial Planners.
Medical Management Specialist, Third Grade.

She enjoys yoga, dance, calligraphy and outdoor activities.

MatsudaYoshiaki Matsuda

Executive Consultant

Yoshiaki has 26 years of experience with foreign pharma, generics, CSO and medical device companies, progressing through growing responsibilities in sales, market intelligence, KOL management, sales promotion, product management, global liaison, sales & marketing excellence, and new business development. He also worked as Research Director at a foreign-affiliated healthcare research company.

One of his key contributions was significantly improving brand performance in a commoditized marketplace through the development of patient-friendly services that drove differentiation while significantly increasing patient awareness and treatment rates.

Yoshiaki graduated from Chuo University’s school of commerce, and earned an MBA from the University of Montana in the US.
He is fluent in Japanese and English. In his earlier days, he played soccer and worked as a swimming coach. He now enjoys traveling, camping and cooking for his family.

Izumi MatsuzakiIzumi Matsuzaki


Izumi joined 3Rock after working for 9 years as an MR at a Japanese pharmaceutical company in Tokyo, where she both won company top-performer awards several times and also focused energy on educating newcomers within the organization.

At 3Rock, she leverages that experience in developing various sales-oriented programs in both specialty and primary areas. She also contributes to develop marketing cases, customer personas. patient journeys, and other project work.

Born in Tokyo, Izumi is a graduate of the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, School of Life Sciences, Molecular Sciences Division.
Medical Management Specialist, Third Grade.
Izumi enjoys travelling, cooking and searching for good restaurants.

Yoshie YamagishiYoshie Yamagishi


Yoshie has a wide variety of experiences in marketing, sales and sales support in both foreign and domestic pharmaceutical, medical device and chemical companies.

Most recently, as a pharmaceutical Market Research Manager, she conducted various primary and secondary research projects. There she proposed strategies for new product launches and contributed to maximize product value for a range of in-line products. Before that, as a Sales Manager in a medical device company, she developed new business and increased sales by 400% compared to prior results.

Yoshie began her career in sales support with a chemical company, and was seconded to join a start-up joint venture between Japanese and American companies. There she worked on a variety of tasks, including sales forecasting, supply chain system, and both domestic and export/import sales.

She holds a Diploma in a short-course MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. During her time in the US, she held an internship in an affiliate of a large Japanese pharmaceutical company, where she won a “Brilliance Award” for her proposal around new opportunities in the nutraceuticals market for Japan and the US.

Junior & High School English Teacher’s licenses.
Medical Management Specialist, Third Grade.
Yoshie is fluent in Japanese and English. She enjoys making sweets and swimming, logging 1.5km every weekend at her local health club.

Mie AnabukiMie Anabuki


Mie started her career as an MR at a domestic pharmaceutical company handling mostly primary care products. She later moved to a foreign-capital firm where she focused more on specialty therapeutic area in Tokyo and Chiba Prefectures. Mie holds a pharmacist license and also has experience working in that role. At 3Rock, she is leveraging this background in training / marketing programs for MR’s, helping them adapt to rapid changes in the healthcare industry.

Mie graduated from Kobe Gakuin University with a Pharmaceutical Sciences degree.
Medical Management Specialist, Third Grade.
Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and bouldering.

tojoTakeshi Tojo

Consultant (Media/Digital)

Takeshi began his career in the sales department of a higher educational books publisher, where he contributed to expand business through innovative data analysis and the establishment of new social networking services.

After moving to the editorial department, he worked extensively in the planning, editing, and production of science, technology, and medical books. Especially in the medical area, he collaborated deeply with doctors to optimize structure, contents, and terminology to improve the understanding of medical student readers. He specializes in editing contents for readability, whether in analog or digital formats.

Takeshi is a graduate of the department of Acoustic Design at Kyushu Institute of Design.

abeRika Abe


Rika has 15 years experience working in a leading foreign pharmaceutical company. She began her career as an MR before moving to marketing as a product manager. After several years, Rika expanded her knowledge and skillset in her role as product trainer and worked to drive better sales execution practices. Rika excelled at leveraging instructional design to construct training frameworks to best serve the sales force. She also played an active role in transforming the company from a primary care organization into a leading specialty care organization.

Rika is a licensed pharmacist with a Masters in Pharmacology from Hoshi University.
She also holds an MBA from Globis University.
Medical Management Specialist, Third Grade.

In her spare time, Rika enjoys bouldering and gardening.

Nao ShibataNao Shibata


Nao has both extensive experience in regional psychiatric care model research, and several years of clinical practice in the field of psychology.

At the Department of Community Mental Health and law at the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry (NCNP), she worked with the day care team, supporting patients, engaging with companies, and performing data analysis regarding therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, she also collaborated with the psychological education group on cognitive behavioral therapies focused on work reinstatement efforts. After moving to the clinical side, she performed examinations, counseled individuals, and managed group therapy sessions for both pediatric and adult patients involving a range of learning, cognition, and psychological disorders.

Immediately before joining 3Rock, Nao worked as Director of Psychology at a private clinic where she supervised other clinicians, lead case reviews, and prepared best practice manuals and reports.

Nao’s past research subjects have included the selection of evaluation items for the design of regional psychiatric care & rehabilitation models, and creation of psychological tests to improve psychiatric and neuropsychological diagnosis methodologies. She has also worked with companies to increase the understanding of mental illness for the purpose of supporting employment and rehabilitation in the CNS field.

Nao holds a BA in Psychology and an MS graduate degrees in from the Human Social Sciences Psychology major course at Japan Women’s University Graduate School.
She is a Certified Public Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist.
Her hobbies include Kabuki appreciation, walking, detective novels, etc

OkazakiMichio Okazaki


Michio began his career as an MR at a leading foreign pharmaceutical company, focusing mainly on lifestyle-related diseases as a representative to university hospitals. There he also acquired experience in marketing event production, KOL management, field training, and introduction of digital training applications as a project manager within strategic planning.

His strong points include market analysis based on various data sources, and the development of area strategy using share theory and other approaches.

Michio is passionate about proposing solutions that meet the diverse area characteristics and customer needs emerging from Japan’s declining population and aging society.

He holds a BA in economics from Meijo University. Other private qualifications include:
   -DDI Certified Facilitator
   -Lanchester Association Certified Facilitator
Michio spends his spare time on outdoor activities, and also enjoys fiddling with machines and DIY projects.

“Practice in Lanchester Strategy – MR’s, Get a Strategy!” and four subsequent workbooks “Practice”, “Market Analysis”, “Market Penetration”, and “Work Shift”.
“Lanchester Strategy – for Survival in the Era of Uncertainty”

Tomo InoueTomo Inoue


Tomo has been involved in assisting regions and municipalities with pharmaceutical policies for many years during his work at a foreign pharmaceutical company. His focus there was coordinating with various local players to contribute to the issue of “medical cost reduction,” while supporting the introduction of subsidy programs for many local governments.

Earlier in his career, he also worked as an MR handling new drugs in primary therapeutic areas, and before that he did sales at a human resources firm, serving as a branch manager responsible for building and training his team in the Kanto area.  

He has an excellent understanding of regional medical issues, and how to bridge between different stakeholders to propose new medical services and approaches.

Tomo graduated from Chuo University in economics. He enjoys traveling and watching sports.

nagasawaNaruhito Nagasawa


Naruhito began his career working as a nurse in hospital, home care, and medical call center settings. He then became an assistant professor of gerontological nursing at a university, where he gained experience both in teaching and research activities.He has experience in nursing in therapeutic areas such as endocrine, collagen, infectious and intractable disease states, and his research focused on diabetes prevention / nursing and fall prevention in elderly people.

Naruhito excels at applying his wide range of knowledge and leveraging those various experiences to properly explore medical problems from the patient’s perspective, and then propose concrete problem solving methods.Currently, he is working to expand his knowledge in the field of applied information science and is expanding his field of activity in “medical care x IT”.

He holds an M.S. degree from the Graduate School of Health Sciences Master Course at Showa University, with a concentration in  Healthcare Community, Home Care, Management and Medical Facilities Care Course.

He is currently studying continuing his doctoral studies at the Graduate School of Applied Informatics University of Hyogo, with a concentration in Nursing Informatics of Healthcare Informatics Course.
Naruhito is both a Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse.
His hobbies are playing basketball, hiking, and reading.

kawataYumi Kawata

Medical Policy Specialist

Yumi started her career as a medical doctor at Sumitomo Hospital in Osaka, where she performed initial patient assessments and provided ongoing treatment under the supervision of other medical professionals. She then joined the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a technical officer, where she coordinated with the committee for Designated Intractable/Rare Diseases and managed research in this field. After moving to the Infectious Disease Division, she formulated guidelines on prevention and engaged in educational activities regarding infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

She has spent her recent years with a healthcare startup, developing and maintaining relationships with government and academia.

Yumi graduated from Kobe University School of Medicine. She also holds a Ph.D. in Medical Science from Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, and is a Board Certified Member of the Japan Board of Public Health and Social Medicine.
She enjoys traveling.






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