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With the expansion of work-from-home options, there is an increasing demand to improve one’s business skills while staying at home. To fulfill such a demand, 3Rock has altered its regular seminars for online use and developed compact contents for each theme. Each seminar is designed to help participants memorize what they have learned better by combining self-learning, which involves preparation and review using lecture videos, and workshop-type face-to-face learning, which involves discussions among participants. During the workshop, our consultant will carefully advise participants, so that they can hold smooth discussions. The contents can be customized according to the theme each participant focuses on.

Our Program Helps You Provide a Program
to Improve Communication with Doctors

The online version of the “Questioning Skills Program” is helpful for MRs, who have difficulty in progressing through to interviews with doctors. The program, consisting of four e-learning lectures, will help you acquire skills to ask better questions, and become an MR with the ability to identify doctors’ potential needs. After each lecture, you will perform tasks to turn the acquired knowledge into practical skills. Feedback from your supervisor will also help you deepen your understanding and establish your skills.

Online Interview Measures
Are Also Available

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities for online interviews are increasing. In order to have successful online dialogs with doctors, it is necessary to strengthen five elements: “mindset”, “planning/preparation”, “skilled dialog”, “continuity”, and “digital environment”. 3Rock also offers a program that comprehensively strengthens these elements.


e-Thanks to the pre-seminar e-learning program, I learned more efficiently and understood much better. 
Brand manager of a major domestic pharmaceutical company
For me it was a very important experience. I learned the overall process with the advance work, prepared my own thinking during the workshop, and then used the post-seminar review to thoroughly solidify the whole concept.    
Regional manager of a domestic mid-sized pharmaceutical company
Even though it was an online seminar, there was a lot of group work, and they made it easy to understand and engage.  As a result, it changed my strategy from a product-driven to a patient-driven approach. 
Medical affairs staff of a major foreign pharmaceutical company


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