Competitive Planning


Prepare for Competitive Launch Products
by Knowing Your Rivals

Aligning the Organization by Simulating Competitive Movements

Bring cross-functional staff from groups such as Marketing, Medical, Pricing, and Research together to simulate the launch of a new product. In this workshop, commonly known as a “War Game” but arranged specifically by 3Rock for major healthcare industry events such as new product launch and additional indications, you will “become” your competitors, in order to clarify the countermeasures needed by each department. At the same time, you will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your company from the perspective of competitors, and incorporate these findings into your next action plan.

Providing Support from Research Design
to Concrete Action Items

3Rock designs programs to best fulfill the specific needs of each client. Common points of emphasis include achieving alignment between global and local teams, creating a deep, common understanding of disease state strategies with co-promotion partners, and defining roles and responsibilities between the head office and field sales teams. During the workshop, we help you to carefully examine the topics to be presented and items to be emphasized, hold meaningful discussions within a limited timeframe, execute solid deliverables, and define clear next steps.

Steps to help anticipate competitive strategies

  1. 1) Pre-work and self-learning to develop a deep understanding of the market and competitors
  2. 2) Creating competitive SWOT, KSF, and action plans
  3. 3) Discussing strategies and counter-actions for your company
  4. 4) Incorporating findings into specific next steps

Our Past Work

  • In-house cross-functional teams
  • Global product strategy events in Japan and overseas
  • Co-promotion kick-off meetings between companies


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