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The healthcare market is undergoing drastic changes, including an overhaul of the regulatory system, increasing pressure to reduce healthcare costs, work style reforms for healthcare professionals, and the effects of COVID-19. While the corporate vision and focus disease areas are decided upstairs, at the business unit or team level it is sometimes unclear how to translate those mid-term plans concretely into their businesses, and how to engage and convince employees to work together toward those common goals – especially as conventional activities and approaches are losing steam. That is where 3Rock comes in.

We will support you in formulating and executing the plans you need, whether they be sales plans or strategy reviews, employee coaching, or other matters. Please feel free to contact us for consultations on topics such as “optimizing resource allocation”, “entering the community healthcare market”, “adopting digital tools”, and “exploring outside collaborations”. We are here to help you in these areas.

Our Past Work

  • Prospects for the medical industry and the “2025 problem”
  • Strategy and vision planning at company, division, department, and team levels
  • Product portfolio analysis
  • Designing new strategic options, such as collaboration with other companies
  • Creation of strategic roadmaps
  • Coaching for members in charge of strategy execution
  • Area strategies at head office, branch, and sales office levels
  • Definition of required product marketer characteristics


  • People Development
    Who Will Your Superstars Be In A Year?
  • Sales
    Turbo-Charging Passion to Drive Sales Performance
  • Sales
    Four Reasons Most Sales Training Fails


Please feel free to contact us for details on our services and seminars.

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