Create New Business Opportunities
through Patient Experience

Identifying Patient Needs
from All Diseases

The “Patient Journey” is a framework to relive the process that patients follow. The visualization of the flow from the pre-onset stage to treatment enables you to grasp when and why the optimal treatment goal remains unachieved. During the workshop, you will examine possible advice and policy proposals from doctors and nurses at various turning points, such as consultation, the initiation of treatment and discharge, based on the concept of “the intersection of needs” developed by 3Rock. By analyzing the underlying intentions in detail and adding quantitative data, you will be able to explore business opportunities for intervention while contributing as a company.


I used to assess patient needs simply based on products, but “Patient Journey” made me feel that I would be able to think differently. I became aware of the importance of focusing on patient behavior.
– MR at a medium-sized domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer
I realized once again the importance of understanding the feelings behind the actions chosen by doctors, patients, and their families, in addition to indicators, such as symptoms and test values, when making treatment choices.
– Staff in charge of academic activities at a medium-sized domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer
I learned how not to overlook any omissions by visualizing customers’ thought processes. In addition, I am proud of the fact that through this lecture, I planned, proposed, and realized a patient roundtable discussion.
– Marketer at a major foreign pharmaceutical manufacturer


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