Competitive Planning


Looking Ahead
in the Healthcare Market

Preparing for Various Risks
by Anticipating the Future

The “scenarios” we deal with are “forecasts of future events” that may occur in the healthcare market. In this rapidly changing era, anticipating multiple possible future scenarios will help you capture hidden opportunities for growth, minimize your company’s risks, and respond quickly to sudden environmental changes. Help your team prepare for various risks through this cross-functional and practical workshop.

Use Frameworks to
Create Original Scenarios

First, identify uncertain factors, such as political and social conditions, guideline revisions, and clinical trial results announcements, using PEST, 3C’s, and other techniques. Then thoroughly examine the identified factors and group them into most important factors for the success of your business. Based on these findings, create multiple scenarios and quantify the potential commercial impact.

Correcting the Action Plan
from a Future Perspective

Once this analysis has identified the key factors that will bring the best results for your business, incorporate those scenarios into your action plan in order to realize them in the future. Of course, you need to understand certain uncontrollable factors, and develop countermeasures against them so the most undesirable scenarios can be avoided. To ensure success, 3Rock will advise you on the appropriate timing to monitor, review and adjust your ongoing action plan, and so that you can react quickly and decisively when needed.


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