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Starts Augast 23, 2021
Online (Hybrid, as soon as it becomes available)

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Course 1: Healthcare Value Delivery (4weeks)

August 23 – September 17, 2021

What is “value” in healthcare, and how to provide it now and in the future?

Learn how to engage with a diversifying set of stakeholders in light of long-term healthcare trends. Each participant will define their own strengths, and formulate the unique value they can provide.


Week 1: “Value” in the future healthcare industry
Understanding long-term medical trends and the overall picture

Week 2: Intersection of needs
Putting the customer at the center, thinking about how to interact with various other stakeholders, and the possibility of expanding collaborations

Week 3: Differentiation
Re-examine your company, your products, and yourself in order to identify your unique strengths

Week 4: “Value” that only you can provide
Define the value that you can deliver and find how to get that done.

Participants are challenged to review their daily work from the customer’s point of view, engages them to define their own “value”, and builds a new driving force to achieve it. This cornerstone content of “Senryaku Juku“ is useful for high-performing MR’s harboring doubts about their roles, and for head office staff who are looking toward “next generation” initiatives.

Tuition ¥88,000 (excluding tax) 

Special Discount
Group discount – every 10th person free.
Early-bird special – 10%  discount for applications made by July 30th.

Course 2: Problems, Issues & Solutions (8weeks)

October 11-December 3, 2021

It is not always easy to determine the problem and how to solve it.

Learn problem-solving processes that help you with both day-to-day work and long-term planning. From problem decomposition, hypothesis setting, and cause analysis, practice using logic trees as applied to your business. Then consider practical solutions, and conclude by announcing the result.


Week 1: Overview of the problem-solving thinking process
Week 2: How to identify the problem
Week 3: How to define the core issue correctly
Week 4: How to use logic trees
Week 5: Avoiding bias and other common pitfalls
Week 6: How to prioritize and communicate your findings
Week 7: Group assignments and casework
Week 8: Announcement of final results & completion event

Extremely practical industry-focused content that only 3Rock can provide, this course is ideal for those who may have learned critical thinking in the past but are struggling to put it into practice, as well as those that need to improve the sharpness and communication of their plans.

Tuition ¥198,000 (excluding tax)

Special Discount
Group discount – every 10th person free.
Early-bird special – 10%  discount for applications made by July 30th.


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