Strategic Consulting

Developing strategies to articulate insights, manage change, and provide a competitive edge

Brand management teams are expected to develop strategies which maximize sales in dynamic, complex markets. We fully support those marketers working in such demanding market environments.

Customer Insight

Customer InsightCustomer insight–impulses and latent desires and emotions that move people. We draw out these insights and support you, from the creation of persuasive strategies to specific action plans.

Taking deep dives inside the mind of the customer

We analyze the actual voices of patients and define customer insights.

To leverage multifaceted opinions, we hold workshops that span different departments.
We not only draw out insights from patient interviews, we can also invite patients to our workshops to hear their opinions directly or prepare reports on patient opinions based on monitoring of social media.

Creation of strategies with a focus on patient actions
From the insights we have drawn out, we develop strategies and turn them into specific action plans. We also can employ methods of “persona,” in which we compile standard patient image models and create powerful messages.

Competitive Stress Tests (War Games)

We conduct “War Games” to gain an objective understanding of the relationships between a company and its competitors. Taking the standpoint of a competitor not only helps make clear a products competitive advantage but also to unifies opinions within the team and in sharing strategies.

Superiority over competitors defined
The strengths and weaknesses of your company, previously not evident, will become clear through the compilation of SWOT analyses of competitors and of key success factors of other companies, and through taking the perspectives of competitors.
Anticipating competitor strategies
Examining plans to counter the anticipated actions of competitors will make it possible to quickly come up with measures to stay ahead.

Scenario Planning

There are several strategic options for taking advantage of anticipated growth opportunities. Even amid uncertain conditions, a marketer is required to follow the path that produces the best results.

By providing detailed analyses of brand characteristics and the correct company position, we at 3Rock provide strong support in the creation of scenarios to maximize potential growth opportunities.

Anticipating various scenarios and capturing opportunities for growth
We objectively examine and highlight events that may bring about important opportunities and risks to your products and help you to understand them correctly. Based on the results, we anticipate various scenarios and lead you to strategic options that provide the greatest opportunities for growth. And we produce milestone plans for you to proactively seize your future goals, rather than simply waiting for events to occur.
Quantification to make your scenario concrete & convincing
Sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations are used for the quantification of uncertain elements. This not only makes your scenario more concrete, it also makes it persuasive to stakeholders.

Brand Plan Challenge

Taking a step back from a newly-created Brand Plan makes evident points of issue that may have previously been hidden. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we at 3Rock provide you with advice for your Brand Plan from a fair and objective perspective.






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