Sales Performance

Maximizing sales force capabilities and performance to meet new market demands

We equip salespeople with capabilities to make effective proposals and to relay pertinent information based on clear understanding of the needs of medical professionals. We also support area managers to develop as leaders in their assigned areas with strategic thinking. Our consultants, experienced in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, provide practical contents in workshops which can be applied immediately in their respective fields.

Integrity Program

8 weeks of practical training which directs ‘sales’ to success

This program, by driving fundamental changes in attitudes and actions of salespeople, aims to build sales capabilities and improve their performance. Going beyond training sales methods, the concepts taught in this one-day seminar are to be applied in the field, and ‘eight-week follow-up sessions’ are conducted to share and discuss these experiences. This program approach enables the concepts to take root and achieve improved sales performance.

Retention through follow-up sessions
The concepts studied at the initial one-day seminar are applied in actual business situations, and these experiences are shared in group discussions during eight-week follow-up sessions, which enables the concepts to be fully embraced. Paper or digital reference materials can be taken anywhere, and studied at any time.
Aiming to become a successful salesperson
Regardless of market conditions or business environment changes, a successful salesperson has four attributes: clear goal awareness, a strong desire for achievement, healthy emotional intelligence, and outstanding social skills. Participants learn methods to enhance these qualities and further their abilities as they build up experience.
Changing attitudes and actions of salespeople
True success in business cannot be achieved with outstanding sales skills alone. It is important to have the proper behaviors, actions, attitudes and convictions to deliver value for customers.

Integrity Selling

This program does not just teach sales methods. Integrity Selling® aims to bring about a fundamental change in attitude that promotes behavioral change and improves sales skills.

The program starts by defining the four attributes of a successful salesperson: clear goal awareness, a strong desire for achievement, healthy emotional intelligence, and outstanding social skills. Participants are introduced to a framework for the sales process and identify their own behavioral style. After this initial training, we provide an 8-week course of follow-up sessions. By sharing and discussing with the team their experience of putting the concepts into practice, participants embrace the concepts more fully leading to better performance.

Integrity Coaching

This program is aimed at staff in managerial roles. Building on the Integrity® concepts, participants learn coaching skills to help develop their team members and improve team productivity.

The program helps managers to draw out the potential of their direct reports and team by building greater awareness of communication methods that match each manager’s own leadership style and team member personalities. Integrity Coaching® is effective for office heads and branch managers, as well as for head office personnel responsible for corporate cultural change.

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Strategic Area Planning

Capability development program for area managers

Sales regions/areas are becoming increasingly important. This program conducts workshops focusing on environmental analysis, strategy development and action planning, and is designed to help managers build area plans that are logical, not plans solely based on past experience or intuition. The program also provides follow-up based on the actual plans and their outcomes, so that participants can deepen understanding and quickly put learning into action.

The content of this program is designed for all area managers, from those in their first managerial role to managers with extensive experience.

Developing managers who can perform area management with a marketing perspective
In this program, participants study methods for extracting key drivers through comprehensive environmental analysis and SWOT/Cross SWOT analysis, then develop actions plans for their areas. By learning ways to create proper KPIs, they acquire skills to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of their action plans. Through building highly-convincing strategies, managers can expect to share a common purpose with their salespeople.
Programs that suit your business
By employing common templates and terminology and introducing case studies involving our client’s key products, we make sure the program is realistic and relevant. Based on corporate analysis from a consulting perspective, we propose ideal content for pre-assignments and follow-up programs that produce maximum results.






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