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Providing effective solutions to the diverse challenges of multi-channel communication

Does your company effectively use online and digital solutions to enhance communication? Now deeply rooted in our society the internet has greatly changed the speed of communication and the interactions of people. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to provide information and services which best match the digital age.

3Rock is a front-runner in providing digital solutions for our clients. We continue to lead the way as a company that understands both social needs and the healthcare field. Specialized in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we develop new insights, through exploring online dialogues of patients, their families, physicians and other healthcare providers regarding disease states, symptoms, treatments and medications, and help our clients build effective marketing plans.


Online interactive roleplaying

Our e-learning system SimStorm trains MRs in how to identify doctor needs and provide appropriate information, all the while keeping in mind their visit objectives. We design unique customer interaction roleplays specific to individual brands for online training. The system also provides immediate user feedback that can significantly improve MR performance, for example in consistency of key messaging.

Using the assessment functionality, marketers can understand where MR’s stand in terms of proficiency and study progress, and notice trends in the choices they make. Marketers can also identify which situations are more easily misunderstood and analyze issues specific to certain customer senarios.

Drive marketing strategy across the entire sales force
The marketer’s strategy is central to the scenario simulations. Our consultants go through a process of in-depth briefings and discussion to understand product challenges and build scenarios that are logical and on-message. Having identified target doctors and the messages to be communicated, we create simulations of hypothetical visit situations that are uploaded online. MRs can access SimStorm on their PC or iPad to repeatedly practice simulation during downtime, for example while waiting to see a doctor. This system helps to ensure a consistent strategy is disseminated across the entire organization.
Designed with coaching elements and content to draw you in
Experienced actors play the doctors in the videos. The program is packed with entertaining and creative elements to keep users’ attention. For example, selecting different target doctors gives users access to stories that develop in a number of ways, and users can see their results as a score. Users are also given feedback on how they did in the session just completed. The game-like experience motivates users to complete multiple sessions, which promotes the uptake of core elements of the product messages.
Clear learning outcomes with scores to study progress and proficiency, and identify next steps
Our system logs all data on the number of simulations run, play time, and correct response rate for each MR. We analyze these data from various perspectives to identify those areas that need more work. More in-depth analysis, for example results filtered by sales branch or MR years of experience, can also be provided on request.
User feedback
  • I really learned a lot from being shown the entire flow of information the doctors need and how to answer. The program also helps you to organize the information, so it was easier to take this knowledge compared with studying alone.
  • I got a better understanding of what questions to ask the doctors, so I learned a lot.
  • I was reminded of how important it is to really listen to what the doctor is asking about.
  • It helped me do this training seriously. I hope they provide this program for other products.
  • I think this training was excellent, because it was very practical and I could do the simulations again and again.
  • It was interesting and I could actually work on using my own words, so it has been really useful for interactions with doctors in the field.
  • When I couldn’t answer the doctor’s questions in the simulation and made the doctor angry, I got a real shock just like it was real life. The system was fun and different to anything I have done before.


SimStorm Demo

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Shared medical information platform

MedLink is an online platform to improve healthcare quality through the effective provision of information by doctors and dentists to their patients. Materials already used by doctors and qualitative online content are uploaded to this microsite, simplifying the process of providing patients with the most appropriate information.

Doctors can expect to see better patient participation in their treatment, improved compliance with drug regimens, and more time available to listen to their needs. Patients can readily access reliable information prepared by their doctor and should feel more comfortable about their treatment.

MedLink connecting doctors and patients
MedLink is an online platform for effective provision of information from doctors to their patients. The system allows materials already used by doctors and other useful information to be easily shared with patients and their families.

About MedLink

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VetLink is an online platform for effective information sharing between vets and pet owners. The system allows materials already used by vets and other useful information to be easily shared with pet owners.

MedLink connecting vets and pet owners
VetLink is a tool to closely support pet owners look after their pet’s health through providing information tailored to their individual needs. The system helps vets to build relationships of trust with pet owners and eventually improve their return rate.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Taking a multi-channel approach

Accessing multiple channels is vital when approaching stakeholders in different segments.

3Rock consultants analyze case studies and other information from Japan and overseas to support the development of innovative approaches, answering questions like” what can you do with your brand” and “what should you do with your brand?”






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