[November] Medical-focused “Strategic Marketing Basic”(Program Completed)

November 15th(13:30-17:30), 16th(9:30-17:00), 2016
TKP Shinjuku Conference Center

Top marketers need to first master the basics and then apply them in their day-to-day work.
Participants begin this program with an online learning module even before arriving at the group seminar. This allows them to engage more deeply with the learning content at the actual seminar and participate proactively in exciting discussions with other participants from various companies in the healthcare industry.
This is a practical program developed with our vast industry experience. Over the past several years several hundred participants have already joined and recommended it to others. Fill in your application today!

▶ Contents


1) Strategic Medical Marketing Process
2) SWOT & Key Issues for Medical
3) Medical Brand Positioning Statements

▶ This course is for:


●Those who have just made the jump from MR to head office marketing or sales planning departments
●Junior brand team marketers
●Those in related areas who require a solid basic overview of medical marketing strategy

▶ Place:


TKP Shinjuku Conference Center
conference room 5B
NIKKO BLDG.1-14-11 NishiShinjuku Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo



▶ Tuition fee


135,000yen(Tax included)

▶ Application
Program Completed.

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