Integrity Coaching – Free Trial Seminar

Oct. 24th, 2019. 15:00-17:30
3Rock KK

3Rock is holding an Integrity Coaching® free trial seminar.

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In today’s work environment, where many tasks are expected to be completed with few resources, the productivity of each and every employee becomes critical.

To boost employee productivity, motivation is necessary for the meaning of a person’s existence in the workplace, his or her goals, interest in the work, and responsibility.

Integrity Coaching provides guidance on ways to raise motivation among subordinates and how to offer them support so they can perform to their maximum potential. It also nurtures the capacity to have faith in subordinates and provides training on the importance of having expectations for them, and it strengthens the internal elements that are necessary for coaching. Going beyond the limitations of the potential of subordinates and leading them to achieve higher goals results in increasing productivity not only for individual employees but also for the team, and as a result, for the entire company.

Those working in leaders, managers and education/training representatives are welcome and encouraged to attend this free trial seminar to get a taste of what the Integrity Coaching® program can offer and how it can improve your coaching strategies. You will receive practical advice that you can take back with you and immediately apply to your organization. Please join us.

※ The number of seats is limited, so apply as soon as possible. If you are unavailable for either of the seminar dates, please feel free to contact us.
※ If you belong to a competing company, your application may be declined.
Note: This event will be held in Japanese.


Venue:3Rock KK

Yoyogi-Uehara Stn. (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-line /Odakyu Odawara-line) 1 minute on foot from exit North2

Date: Thr, Oct. 24th, 2019. 15:00-17:30

Fee: Free!

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