Pharma-focused “Strategic Marketing Basic”

2021年7月6日 (火) 13:30-17:30, 7月7日 (水) 9:30-17:00

Learn a strategic planning process to help you respond to changes in the industry
We have updated our 3Rock classic seminar in line with the times

COVID-19 is having a major impact on the market, and it is difficult to see exactly what will happen in the future. As a result, it is becoming more important to objectively grasp the current situation based on various inputs, create a hypotheses for the future, build up a strategy, and then focus on execution and evaluation.

3Rock’s long-held industry-standard seminar “Strategic Marketing Basics” has been completely renewed and will be held as an online (Zoom) webinar.

We’ve brought together new online learning modules, an updated case study, and new video contents. During the last six months under the COVID-19 pandemic, 3 Rock has conducted more than 100 online training programs using Zoom, Teams, and Webex, with very high evaluation scores from participants across the board. We will fully leverage these experiences and facilitate this seminar using Zoom’s breakout function.

In addition to our standard strategic planning process framework, covering situational analysis (market data, PEST, 3C’s) to SWOT, Cross-SWOT, KSF creation and KPI monitoring, this program also covers current trends around integrated community care systems and digital innovation. We will focus on how to build up a winning strategy aligned to our times in 2020. This program develops your knowledge and importantly its immediate application to your day-to-day work.

Based on our vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, this hands-on program is effective for anyone involved in the following tasks:

・ Head office Marketing
・ Sales promotion / Sales planning
・ Area planning ・ KAM ・ Regional healthcare
・ Sales office / Branch management

This program has been enhanced over and above the content already shared with thousands of participants over the past years. Please take this opportunity to join us.


Application Flow and Contents

Once you apply, we will issue an online learning module ID. You can prepare in advance using videos and reading materials, and also preview the case study to be used in the workshop. This will lead a solid and essential discussion at the actual seminar.

This seminar offers a lot of time both for discussion and group work. This enables you to solidify your knowledge and acquire practical wisdom that can be applied immediately in the field.  In addition, you will have a deep discussion with other participants from various companies in the industry. We receive regular feedback that participants are inspired by discoveries made by interacting with those outside of traditional in-house trainings.


Zoom (We will inform the participants of the URL etc.)

Participation Fee

145,000 yen (Tax excluded) / person *

* Includes 1.5 days of seminar participation and access to all-in-one online learning ID (from 2 weeks before the session)


Please apply using the form below.



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