[Feb.2017] RESTART! Pharma Launch Simulation Workshop (Application period is closed)

【February 6th-8th】, 2017

3Rock is proud to announce the renewal of our successful computer simulation launch program! This workshop improves upon the program we had been running consistently through 2015, with contents updated to meet the current needs of the pharma market environment!
This new workshop allows participants to experience the management of a realistic bio-pharma compound throughout its core lifecycle, from launch -2 to +4 years.
As in prior years, participants will take home the following key learnings:
・Situational analysis techniques to identify and select the most important data points from various sources

・ Keys to choosing and setting appropriate KPI’s to monitor implementation, identify problem issues and revise tactics before and after launch

・Criteria for developing key messages and evolving them over time based on market response

・Main points to create strategic, dynamic action plans with crisp resource allocation and focus
In addition, our new, updated contents will also challenge participants to develop the following skills:

・Strategy for specialty products – not just simplistic “blockbuster” or “SOV” theory

・Methodologies to develop segmentation and targeting based on customer-insight – not just potential

・Approaches to consider and influence multiple stakeholders – not just prescribers

・Multi-channel approaches not entirely dependent on MR sales force
*Teams participate in groups of 3-6 team members.

*Maximum 2 teams from each company allowed.
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Application period is closed.
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