Using Data to Understand Customer Motivations for Action! 3Rock “Senryaku-juku” Customer Needs and Insights Program

Starts December 6, 2021
Online (Hybrid, as soon as it becomes available)

3Rock’s “Senryaku-juku” or “Strategy Academy” is now in full operation, providing the “real power” to break through in these confusing times. For more information, please visit

Course 3: Customer Needs and Insight (8 weeks)

December 6, 2021 – February. 4, 2022

Would you say that you fully understand your customers’ needs?

As healthcare continues to diversify, understanding each customer’s needs in depth, down to the level of core insights, is critical to driving behavior change.

However, even as COVID-19  has accelerated digitalization and increased the amount of information available, few companies are able to utilize this data to analyze customer needs. In this course, we will use examples from the pharma industry to learn how to comprehensively analyze data obtained on both nationwide and area scales, in order to understand customer needs, find insights, and apply them to strategy. Participants also learn how to structure and ask the right, high-quality questions to gain insights from various stakeholders directly.

This is an 8-week course. The course includes not only online content, but also interactive learning through live lectures, group work, and plenary discussions. In this open enrollment class, you will be able to learn while interacting with the next generation of leadership candidates from various healthcare companies here in Japan.

8-week course Weekly themes

Week 1: Course overview, overall picture of customer needs analysis
Week 2: Deep dive customer needs analysis methods (1)
Week 3: Deep dive customer needs analysis methods (2)
Week 4: Customer insight and questioning skills
Week 5: Market research & how to read data
Week 6: National level data utilization
Week 7: Area level data utilization
Week 8: Future of customer needs analysis, course summary

Course fee: 198,000 yen (excluding tax)


Special price
Special discount for group applications: For every 10 people who apply, we will discount the fee for one person.

Target audience

The main target audience for this course is marketers, sales strategists/promoters, medical professionals, sales managers, and regional medical professionals who are involved in strategic planning based on customer needs analysis. This program is also useful for sales representatives, MRs, MSLs, academics, and other departments. Anyone who wants to develop the ability to win in the healthcare industry can take this course.

Course Flow and Contents

After registration, a Learning Site ID will be issued to participants. Participants will log in to the Learning Site, complete the pre-study provided, and participate in the weekly lectures and discussions.

Participants will also be able to communicate with participants from other companies in forums on the Learning Site, to facilitate discoveries and stimulation that is different from in-house training.

Application for Participation

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3Rock’s “Senryaku-juku” will be held in Japanese. If you would like to discuss delivery of course contents in English, please contact us.


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