Pharma English Communication

September 13th, 2018
Pharma English Communication

3Rock now offers an exciting new program for improving English communication in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
Pharma English Communication

3Rock Pharma English Communication Program

English is no longer a ‘nice to have’ skill, but a vital business tool.
The expectation of this program is to:

  • Enhance confidence, presence and assertiveness required for successful participation in global meetings/telecons and delivery of convincing presentations
  • Reinforce key pharma and healthcare language to produce more in-depth reports and updates to non-Japanese colleagues
  • Provide practical communication skills for expressing opinions and ideas clearly, defending ideas and summarizing information

The 3Rock English Communication program will benefit anyone working in the pharma/healthcare industry who has to hold teleconferences or meetings with global colleagues, give or create presentations in English (brand plans, operating plans, medical plans, business updates etc…), or has business trips overseas.

Program Outline

Lesson style:

  • 1:1 or group lessons (max 6 people)
  • 1 hour session per week
  • 12 weeks

Course content can be tailored to meet the specific needs and role of each client, covering the areas of marketing, strategic planning, sales promotion, training, product development, medical affairs etc.
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