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Workshops covering topics from the basics of strategic marketing to specific advanced applications

Innovative marketing strategies attuned to paradigm shifts in the fast-evolving pharmaceutical industry must replace typical SOV efforts. At 3Rock, our dedicated consultants assess the state of our clients, as well as relevant trends in Japan and abroad, to offer tailored programs which enhance marketers’ knowledge and skills base.

Specialized programs for the pharmaceutical industry
Brand managers can smoothly acquire necessary skills from the programs which showcase our consultants’ knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry.
Relevant case studies to enhance learning experience
To enhance learning effect, the most applicable theme for the client market environment is selected from a wealth of case studies (theoretical cases on drugs, medical devices, and general consumer goods) 3Rock offers. We can also provide customized case studies for our client.
Experience-based learning for lasting knowledge
Our programs are structured in workshop format with group work and simulations. As participants work through concepts in a simulation, they learn to discover answers on their own and thus acquire lasting knowledge, something which cannot be achieved in a one-sided lecture setting. Participants can be expected to immediately apply this knowledge in actual business situations.

Strategic Marketing Basics

The basics of strategic marketing

This program covers aspects of strategic marketing that should be mastered by all marketers.

Participants will be able to create a marketing strategy that integrates PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, KSF, and action planning, rather than viewing these as standalone tools.

Drawing on numerous case studies specific to the healthcare industry, including regulations governing promotions and patient focus groups, our Basics program provides participants with knowledge that is directly applicable to their work roles, and is highly acknowledged in this respect.

Strategic Marketing Advanced

Customized for specific strategies

Our Advanced programs are customized to focus training to the marketing challenges faced by individual brands and departments.

Using concrete tools such as SWOT analysis, segmentation, KPIs, and forecasting, this program equips participants with knowledge and supports the immediate application of new insights in the workplace. We also offer consultation support to drive marketing outcomes.

High-impact programs tailored for individual clients
Our consultants conduct assessments and surveys to identify the most pressing problems. Based on those results, we then design learning programs thoroughly addressing questions like “what would bring the greatest value to our client?” and “what would be the quickest path to solve the problems?”

Acquiring skills that are needed ‘now’
We aim to create an environment where learning is immediately put into action.
In addition to proposing a timeline which best fits your marketing cycle, we also thoroughly customize the program, providing common terminology and templates for smooth internal communication.

Enhanced learning effect with pre-assignment, follow-up, and evaluation by industry experts
Participants are given pre- and post-assignments for each session to increase their ability to apply that learning to real-life scenarios. By having them bring up their own issues to tackle along the program topic, participants become better-equipped to handle actual problems on the field. Our consultants provide insights and evaluation for each topic, bringing deep knowledge and expertise of the pharmaceutical industry.

Programs optimized for each organizational level
We offer programs to acquire the knowledge required for all organizational levels, from entry to the most senior positions. We can conduct separate customized programs for different positions and roles, such as directors or front-line managers, incorporating necessary skill sets for each group.

Repeated study through e-learning
Important subjects are studied repeatedly through e-learning to build sustainable skills.


Working through issues

Our consultants, who are industry experts, draw out your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique characteristics, through surveys and interviews. We work through the issues identified to develop solutions, and we also run workshops to assess competencies of individual participants.

Identifying critical issues to focus
By assessing the dynamics of your marketing department via surveys and interviews, our consultants identify critical areas to strengthen and then propose solutions. We conduct optimized assessments customized from 3Rock’s original competency model.

Brand Challenges

Fine-tuning brand planning from various perspectives

Our consultants, who have been involved in brand planning for various companies, bring diverse perspectives to this challenge through team discussions.

We help to fine-tune your brand plans by asking questions like does the plan have any blind spots, are there any new aspects to consider, does the plan have a clear logical flow, or is the brand plan simply based on an action plan?

Brand planning to clearly convince management and inspire MRs
When brand plans are developed only with internal members, they often times reflect very narrow, inflexible views. Our consultants, experienced in brand planning for various companies, offer guidance and advice with diverse perspectives in team discussions to help improve brand planning.
Offering challenges for different levels
We offer programs for various levels and sections, including different therapeutic areas, branches, and areas. We can also conduct programs in English.






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