2024 New Year Seminar “What is your Dragon Plan?”

January 22nd (Mon), 18:00 - 19:00
Zoom Webinar

In 2024, The Year of the Dragon, some pretty powerful changes are expected to significantly impact the future of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry. Are you prepared?

Not only the Triple Revision, but also the promotion of DTx, the use of AI, the worsening of drug lag, and the work-style reform for doctors are all major changes that are relevant to our work.

Within each company, marketing, medical, sales, and digital …… departments need to align their strategies and KPIs with a common understanding.

Furthermore, in expanding the market for rare diseases and specialties, how can we design initiatives that transcend organizational, corporate, industry, and regional boundaries in order to maximize our contribution to optimal healthcare?

For those who want to grow themselves and their organizations to meet these challenges, 3Rock will hold its annual free online seminar.

Power up your own New Year’s “Dragon Plan” by hearing new ideas, case studies, and tips.

*Please note that this event will be held in Japanese. If you would like to arrange an English summary for executives at your company, please indicate that in the comment section of the application form.

2024 New Year’s Seminar


Jeffrey Schnack, President, 3Rock KK

Date & Time

Monday, January 22, 2024, 18:00 Start


Zoom Video webinar
Participants will be contacted with a link for participation before the event.

※ This seminar will be held in Japanese.

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