Building a Career Path in Healthcare

June 8th, 2022. 18:00 start
Online (Zoom Webinar)

Our industry is experiencing a key tipping point – from a business based on a few primary care blockbusters to one based on multiple specialty care, rare disease, personalized and/or digital treatments. The creation and development of these unique products, followed by the effective communication of their value to doctors, patients and payers, will demand new capabilities.

It will be a tough journey, but opportunities abound in times of change. Will you and your team seize this chance?

Think of it this way – instead of running large ships across the ocean, we must operate a fleet of small boats and kayaks to pioneer uncharted river networks, including dangerous rapids and waterfalls. How do we navigate the new landscape, handling issues that we have never experienced before? How do we collaborate to move faster and more effectively than the competition? And how do we stay positive and motivated to keep learning along the way?   

Are your team members ready to compete? What about yourself?

3Rock has been helping build capabilities for pharma and healthcare clients for over 17 years, focusing mostly on customer-facing functions such as commercial marketing/sales and medical groups.  Some of them are positioned well for the coming challenge, but to be frank many are not. Join us to hear about what the best teams are doing to win, and what the best individuals are doing to get ahead and build their career paths in this time of opportunity.

This webinar is perfect for those that want to continue to contribute in the changing healthcare environment, including current and future leaders – as well as those responsible for building capabilities in training, human resources and strategy.

Jeffrey Schnack, President and Representative Director, 3Rock KK

Date & Time
June 8th, 2022 (Wednesday) 18:00 Start

Zoom video webinar
Participants will be contacted with a link for participation before the event.

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The seminar will be held in Japanese.
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Please note that we reserve the right to refuse participation from those working at companies that are competitive with ours.


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